The Barber of Seville – Rossini

‘The main source of interest is a fresh translation by Amanda & Anthony Holden which touches the spheres with an authentic Rossinian sparkle….’
Sunday Times

‘If it were not for the racy, contemporary wit of Amanda & Anthony’s textually faithful, rhyming and very funny English text, the evening would pass in stony silence.’

This translation, by Amanda & Anthony Holden, was commissioned by English National Opera and received its premiere at the London Coliseum on 19th November 1987 – the evening of the Kings Cross fire. The production, by Jonathan Miller, is still in the ENO repertory and has been revived many times. The role of Figaro has been sung by e.g. Alan Opie, Peter Coleman-Wright and Christopher Maltman.

Other productions include:
Scottish Opera (with Simon Keenlyside), Opera  Australia, Garden Opera, British Youth Opera…



La la la lera, la ran la la.
I am the Barber of Seville, am I!
I have a finger in every pie, have I!
Ah what a life I lead, it’s so fulfilling, oh so fulfilling
to be a barber, and I’m the best, yes, I’m the best!
Ah bravo Figaro, bravo bravissimo! La la la lera, la ran la la.
Fortune has singled me out for success, bravo,

La la la lera, la ran la la.
Not a dull moment, life is all action,
job satisfaction’s what I enjoy.
Lots of adventure, money and laughter,
All I’ve been after since I was a boy.

La la la lera, la ran la la.
Scissors and shaving cream,
brushes and Brilliantine,
these are the precious tools of my trade,
And while I manicure,
you can be very sure
I am as sharp as a new razor blade.
Part of my service for all enquirers…
helping the ladies, la la ran lera,
and their admirers, la la ran la la.

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