Mary Stuart – Donizetti

‘Amanda Holden’s racy new translation…’
Sunday Telegraph

This translation was commissioned by ENO for Gale Edwards’s production at the Coliseum which opened on 5 October 1998. Ann Murray played the title role and the cast included Susan Parry, John Hudson, Ashley Holland and Gwynne Howell; their costumes were designed by Jaspar Conran (his first venture into opera).

Mary Stuart by François Clouet

from the act II confrontation between the two queens –

Figlia inpura di Bolena…


You’re the daughter of a harlot…
… yet you dare to call me shameless?
You disgusting, abusive old viper!
I’m ashamed to be your cousin…
You discredit the crown of England,
royal bastard, at your cost!


Take her away!

HANNAH   ]   That was madness!!
LEICESTER]  She has gone crazy!
TALBOT     ]   God above,
CECIL         ]  all hope is lost.


Go from here with your delusions,
go, prepare to face your sentence;
I’m determined to have vengeance
on your rank and evil pride.

(to the guards) Take away this foolish woman
who’s condemned herself to die.