Les Boréades – Rameau

‘Amanda Holden’s translation was both intelligent and apposite…’

Graham Vick and his City of Birmingham Touring Opera staged this operatic-balletic tragédie – `the ultimate glory of French baroque opera’ – in the Mayfair Suite at the Bull Ring in Birmingham in 1993; it was its first professional staging in the UK. Simon Halsey conducted, Paul Brown provided stylish designs and and Ron Howell the striking choreography.

Ariette gaye – Que l’amour embellit la vie…


Love’s a jewel, it’s the crown of living
when nothing harsh disturbs its powers.
Love is a stream, murmuring softly
that meanders among the flowers.
When it’s aroused love’s like a flood,
over all confines it will break;
wherever it spills in fury,
chaos will follow in its wake.