Faust – Gounod

This translation was commissioned by Mid Wales Opera for Stephen Medcalf’s production of  the original dialogue version of Faust; this excluded the revisions and additions that Gounod unwillingly made to his original opéra comique, Marguerite. The production, conducted by MWO’s founder and artistic director, Keith Darlington, opened at the Teatr Hafren, Newtown on 21 August 1999.

Rondo of the Golden Calf – Le veau d’or est toujours debout!


Come and worship the golden calf!
You must bow unto his power,
he is the ruler of the earth!
Crowds are driven suicidal,
kings and beggars, young and old
clamour in a haze of gold,
whirling round their chosen idol
in an orgiastic trance.
And the devil leads the dance,
he leads the dance!

Charles Gounod

The Jewel Song – Je ris de me voir si belle


Ah! Come on, pretty little mirror in my hand…
Ah! Come on, tell me who’s the fairest in the land…
Is it you? Marguerite, is it you?
Tell me true, tell me true,
tell me, tell me, tell me quickly!
No! No! You stupid thing!
No… no… that is not your reflection,
she is fit for a king!
You stupid thing! You stupid thing!
She is fit for a king,
she is pure perfection!
If only she were me!
If only he could see!…
I’m certain if he saw me,
then he would adore me! etc.