Die Entführung aus dem Serail – Mozart

This translation was commissioned by ENO, but the production was cancelled. Its first performances were by British Youth Opera in 2000, directed by Jamie Hayes and conducted by Timothy Dean.

Other productions include Opera North (opened 22 May 2009) by Tim Hopkins, who was to have directed it at ENO. The cast included Allan Clayton, Kate Valentine and Clive Bayley.

Lied: Wer ein Liebchen hat gefunden…


When a man has found a sweetheart
who’ll be faithful to the end;
with each tender kiss he’s giving,
he must make her life worth living
be her comfort and her friend.
Trallalera, trallalera,
trallalera, trallalera!

But he must, to keep her faithful,
lock her up without dispute;
for such pretty things are wilful,
they are flighty and they’re skillful,
can’t resist forbidden fruit.
Trallalera, trallalera,
trallalera, trallalera!

And especially by moonlight
you must hold her very tight,
or some youth who gives no warning,
will seduce her by the morning,
then to constancy – goodnight.
Trallalera, trallalera,
trallalera, trallalera!